Durga Maa ki Aarti ( दुर्गा माँ की आरती )

Durga Maa ki Aarti

Durga Aarti – Devi Durga is the one of most popular Devi of Hindus. She is also called Shakti or devi. Devi Durga is from sakta sampraday and she is compared with param brahm. Durga is said to be the mother of Adi Shakti, predominant nature, quality Maya, intelligence and devoid of disorder. She is … Read more

Jagdamba Aarti ( जगदंबा आरती )

jagadamba Aarti

Jagdamba Aarti – Jagdamba is a Hindu goddess who is mostly worshipped in Maharashtra, India. Jagdamba, also known as Devi Jagdamba, Jagdamba Mata, Jagdambika or Amba-bai. The goddess is known here as “Karveer Nivasini Sri Aadimata Ambabai”, and it is said that the mother of the universe, Adimata Ambabai is Jagdamba Maa. She is known … Read more